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Car batteries VS Deep Cycle batteries

Car batteries are specially designed to provide a short, sharp burst of power in order to crank over and start the vehicle’s engine.

Only a relatively small portion of the battery’s capacity is used and this is restored by the vehicle’s alternator. Car batteries have thinner lead grids and active material to maximise plate surface area, delivering greater starting power. However they are not suitable for providing long periods of power.

Deep Cycle batteries are constructed using thicker battery plates and a denser active material, to withstand repeated charge and discharge cycles. 

Rather than providing high bursts of power for short periods of time, they are specially designed to deliver sustained power with lower current draw over extended periods of time. Repeated cycling does not cause the same level of damage that a car battery would sustain during the same usage.

  • Best

    Power Series Ultra

    40-month warranty

    Yuasa Power Series Ultra batteries are designed and built in Australia^ to suit our local conditions, providing the ultimate in battery performance. Suitable for both old and new vehicles with higher power demands, Yuasa Power Series Ultra batteries are engineered to exceed leading vehicle manufacturer’s standards for quality and performance, delivering exceptional starting power, maximum service life and extra power for vehicle electrics.

    • Exceptional starting power
    • Maximum service life
    • Extra power for vehicle electrics
    • Australian made^ & designed
    • Suitable for both old and new vehicles with high power demands
    • 20% extra starting power and 30% longer life*
    • Designed and built tough in Australia^ to suit our local conditions
    • Maximum service life with a sealed maintenance free design for reduced water loss
  • Flooded

    Deep Cycle Flooded

    Yuasa Flooded Deep Cycle batteries are designed right here in Australia^ to handle our extreme climate and harsh operating conditions. They are a robust and dependable range of batteries designed for installations where reliable, long lasting power supply is required.

    • Long cycle life
    • Deep discharge capability
    • Reduced self discharge
    • Superior heat resistance
    • Dependable cycling performance with superior heat resistance
    • Platelock™ technology for improved vibration resistance^
    • Full frame cast plates with glass mat separators for extra strength & cycling performance
    • Designed for under bonnet use in 4x4’s, SUV’s, recreational and commercial vehicles

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