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How to choose the right battery

When it comes to choosing a battery for your car there are a few things you should know. Firstly you need to determine which type of battery will fit your car. Simply go to, enter your vehicle make, model, year and trim level – and it’ll automatically show you which batteries will fit.

But hang on, why are there two? Both of them will fit the vehicle and do the job, so what’s the difference?

Well essentially it all boils down to starting power, warranty length, and price.

Yuasa Power Series batteries is the base level range when it comes to car batteries. They offer starting power comparable to the original equipment battery that came fitted to your vehicle from the factory, along with the reserve capacity and ampere hours required to run the standard equipment your vehicle came with, and a comprehensive 30 month warranty.

Now, the Yuasa Power Series Ultra range is a step above. It has higher starting power, along with increased reserve capacity and ampere hour ratings, and a boost in warranty to 40 months.

Understandably, there is a price difference between these two different tiers. So, do you pay more and go for the higher power battery, or save a bit of money and go for this one which will still do the job? The choice is up to you – but let me pose one additional question to you.

The Yuasa Power Series Ultra range are more powerful batteries with a longer warranty. The prices of these batteries differ depending on where you are located in Australia, but if we take the recommended retail price on both of these here in Brisbane, and then calculate the cost per month over the warranty periods… the Yuasa Power Series Ultra battery works out to be the most economical choice over the duration of its lifespan.

So, if you want the very best starting battery money can buy, and one which will continue to perform for the longest period of time – Yuasa's Power Series Ultra range is for you. But if the upfront cost savings matter more, then the Power Series range is still a dependable choice which will do an excellent job.

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