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Made in Australia

ince 1928, Century Yuasa has committed to Australia workers and consumers by designing and building its extensive battery range here in Australia. The company currently employs around 600 employees across Australia & New Zealand and puts over $100 million back into the Australian economy every year. Yuasa Batteries benefits greatly from the advantages that only local manufacturing can bring. They’re built from the ground up to better suit our Australian conditions and way of life.

To further this commitment to Australian workers, Yuasa Batteries has partnered with the Australian Made Campaign, and introduced a new brand livery incorporating the renowned Australian Made logo into Yuasa branding. The Logo is Australia’s most recognised and widely used country of origin symbol, and ensures products that carry the logo are certified as genuine Australia products. The Australian Made / Australian Grown Logo is a powerful tool in helping businesses effectively brand their products as Australian to consumers — shoppers, businesses and government — with a preference for buying locally made goods.

In recent times Yuasa has seen a resurgence of support for locally made products, with many consumers stating that they would be willing to pay more to purchase and support products which are Australian made – because the flow on effects for the Australian economy are profound. Thanks in part to our Australian manufacturing facility, we currently employ over 600 people and put over $100 million back into the local economy every year – with over 98% of components from our locally built battery range sourced from Australian suppliers.

The fact that Yuasa designs and manufactures batteries in Australia also brings with it additional benefits. Because the products are built here, we can tailor them specifically to suit particular applications and ensure they're tough enough to handle the harsh conditions that Australia is famous for. A marine battery must be able to handle the repeated wave pounding of rough seas off our coastline, while a 4x4 battery needs to withstand the sweltering heat of being under-bonnet on a hot summer’s day in some of the most remote areas of the country. This sort of refinement can only be achieved through decades of local product testing and development.

When you purchase a Yuasa battery, you're supporting Australian manufacturing and local jobs - and that's something to be proud of. 

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