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Stationary Power


Yuasa NP batteries are the trusted choice around the world for standby power in applications where system integrity is paramount. Yuasa NP batteries incorporate high energy density and thick lead calcium grids for an extended battery life. Offering superb recovery from deep discharge, these multipurpose batteries are ideal for float or cyclic use.

Yuasa NP’s unique construction and sealing technique ensures no electrolyte leakage from case or terminals, providing complete peace of mind.  All NP batteries utilise Yuasa’s unique electrolyte suspension system as well as the very latest oxygen recombination technology to effectively eliminate the need for watering during normal use.

Primary Power

Yuasa NP Batteries are ideal for use in applications requiring constant power over extended periods of time.  They are the ideal primary power source for a range of applications including:

  • Toys
  • Power Tools
  • Televisions & Video Recorders
  • Marine Equipment
  • Electronic test equipment
  • Portable lighting

Back-up Power

In back-up power applications,Yuasa NP batteries provide dependable reserve power to operate critical systems in the event of mains power failure.  In these situations Yuasa NP batteries remain on charge until mains power outage, at which point they engage to provide power to critical systems.  Typical back-up power applications include:
  • Alarm Systems
  • Communications equipment
  • Computer servers
  • Emergency lighting systems
  • Vending machines
  • Automated doors & security gates
  • Fire & security systems
Product Warranty Volts Ah Dimensions (mm) LxWxTH Polarity Terminal Type
NP1.2-12 12 12 1.2 97x47.5x54.5 NP_3 NP_A
NP1.2-6 12 6 1.2 97x25x54.5 NP_1 NP_A
NP10-6 12 6 10 151x50x97.5 NP_1 NP_A
NP12-12 12 12 12 151x98x97.5 NP_4 NP_D
NP18-12B 12 12 17.2 181x76x167 NP_2 NP_E
NP2.3-12 12 12 2.3 178x34x64 NP_1 NP_A
NP24-12B 12 12 24 175x166x125 NP_2 NP_E
NP3-6 12 6 3 134x34x64 NP_1 NP_A
NP38-12B 12 12 38 197x165x170 NP_2 NP_F
NP4-12 12 12 4 90x70x105.5 NP_1 NP_A
NP4-6 12 6 4 70x47x105 NP_5 NP_A
NP65-12B 12 12 65 349.8x166x174 NP_2 NP_G
NP7-12L 12 12 7 151x65x97.5 NP_4 NP_D
NP7-12FR 12 12 7 151x65x97.5 NP_4 NP_A
NP7-6 12 6 7 151x34x97.5 NP_1 NP_A
NPH5-12 12 12 5 90x70x105.5 NP_1 NP_D


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