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Yuasa Charged Up For Supercars Series 2022

The Supercars 2022 season is now underway. 13 Rounds of adrenalising racing are planned for the year, the first race starting March 4th at Sydney SuperNight.

With the season now on track, Yuasa Batteries also continues it’s key partnership with Team 18’s Scott Pie. Scott Pye and Dewalt Racing look to build off the experience from last year's campaign in 2021, now with their sights set on grabbing their first team win.

Yuasa Batteries also continues it’s fresh joint venture with the supporting supercars class Aussie Car Racing, staying on as the official battery for the 2022 series.

Supercars 2022 Schedule

There's a huge year of racing ahead of us. The Supercars 2022 series will continue to deliver exhilarating and accessible motorsports-led entertainment to engaged and passionate fans, now with Yuasa involved the upcoming series will be more exciting than ever.

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